Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Camping at Stone Mountain 8/26-8/28

UNCLE Paul carries Brooke to the train depot.

Dad, Mom, Aunt Agatha, Uncle Paul and Brooke on the train. The girls' wanted to ride on the train first thing.

Brooke in Uncle Paul's lap and mom smiling behind.

Lindsay giving me "the look" because she does not want to smile, she was in a mood. Boy she has that look down!

Scenery from the train.

Lindsay trying not to smile!

Trying not to fall asleep on the train. We were up past midnight the last night!

Daddy's girl!!

Brooke crashes on the train in Uncle Paul's arms.

Lindsay flattens out s penny at the top of Stone Mountain.

Brooke shows off her flattened penny.

A very happy Brooke, enjoys that she got 2 pennies.

Lindsay poses with the wild Daisey's on top of Stone Mountain.

The Daisy Festival should be coming soon.

Mom & Dad Happy 81st Birthday Dad!!!

The marker for the top of Stone Mountain.

Lindsay loves being at the very TOP of the Mountain!!

Lindsay in a MUCH better MOOD! Dancing on top of the world!

Singing on TOP of the World!!

Skipping on top of the WORLD!

I call this Lindsay's Flamingo impression!

Brooke and Lindsay digging for rocks.

Brooke tries to pick up some stones.

Lindsay running on top of Stone Mountain.

Skipping over the rocks! Oh, to have that energy and BALANCE again!!

A photo of the famous relief on Stone Mountain as we were going up the Sky Lift.

We had a great time camping out and celebrating Mike's dads' 81st birthday, the girls had a great time with their cousins' Derek and Adam, Adam had to leave to go to a birthday party for a friend this day. They also went to do some mini golf and some sky hike time since our girls' are too little for the sky hike, much to their dismay!

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