Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our New Puppy! 8/7/2011

Tonight we went to the Grand Opening of a new restaurant in our area called Mama's Cafe and Bar. There was free food and drink and ice cream AND a jump house which Lindsay spent a ton of time in. We joined our neighbors Edie, John and Megan for Edie's birthday for which Lindsay made her a beautiful card. Since they were doing face painting...Lindsay decided she wanted to be made into a puppy! Ha! I bet some of you were thinking what kind of dog did they rescue now? LOL! Just our own little 5 year old kindergartener pup! We named her Lindsay Cecile Bresnan or Lindsay Lou for short. We had a great time and wore Lindsay out so well she was sound asleep by 9:15!!
Happy Birthday Edie, we enjoyed celebrating with you!
Here's to you and many more! We love you,
Chris, Mike, Lindsay & Brooke Bresnan

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