Monday, August 1, 2011

8/1/2011 1st DAY OF SCHOOL (LINDSAY)

8/1/2011 First Day of School Cherokee County!
Here is Lindsay after she got off the bus from Discovery Point. She is a little Misty!

Lindsay just got her sticker that tells the teachers how she goes home. She has to ride the Discovery Point bus back to after school program (ASP). Now, she starts to have a little break down and tells me "Mommy, I can't remember where my class is!" I tell her it's ok, because I know exactly where the kindergarten hall is and I walk her right to her class. I also show her landmarks and the hall letter so she can get there tomorrow.

Trying to give mom a smile...

Here is Lindsay in her classroom ready to write her name for her teacher. Dr. Ross told Lindsay that she looked very pretty. On the first day of school they have no "SPECIALS" which is music, art, or P.E. rotation. But they will on tomorrow.

My BIG GIRL Kindergartener at her school desk! Mommy is so proud! Lindsay loves school and I can't wait to hear about her day when she gets home.

The wall outside Lindsay's classroom is very cute.

I am just wondering how long it's going to take before we have to start selling stuff? Too bad I am no longer working, I bought everyone's kid's stuff for years at NSH. I may have to go up there and get some orders for whatever she sells this year.

WHOOP, WHOOP! Proud to be a BOSTON BEAR!!!

Welcome to Dr. Ross' classroom!

Even though Lindsay got a little weepy on me. I did very well at staying positive. I said "You're going to have a GREAT day!, and come home and tell me all about the new friends you make!"

Fortunately, I bumped into another mom Amy, who's son was in Lindsay's pre-k class. She and I decided to go have breakfast biscuits at Chic-fil-a. That was a big help to me so I didn't dwell on dropping my baby girl off at a big new school!

Thanks for going to breakfast with me Amy. It was nice to have some mom time. I hope Dominic has a great first day!

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I work for Parents magazine’s website, For our back-to-school coverage this year, we would like to include photos of children on their first day of school. We would love to consider these photos for our back-to-school page. Please email me for more information, preferably by Monday, August 29.