Saturday, July 30, 2011


Lindsay starts Kindergarten on Monday 8/1/2011. We went to the meet and greet to see her classroom and meet her teacher on this past Thursday 7/28. Unfortunately, her teacher is only working one more month and then retiring as she wants to go teach college level students now. She has been teaching 30 years and still needed one month to reach her tenure. She is apparently one of the most well known and respected teachers at Boston. We won't know who is taking her place until Tuesday, the second day of school. The principal told us it would be a teacher that has already been teaching at this school, but refused to tell us who. We really liked her at open house and we could see why she was the "teacher to get" in the eyes of so many parents. It's just a shame for us that she is retiring. Lindsay is beside herself to get to school! She is very excited about the first day!! She is already proud to be calling herself a "BOSTON BEAR"!! I actually was only one of two people who signed up to be room mom and I also signed up for the PTA and am hoping to help out in many different capacities at her school. I was happy to know that I already know a couple of PTA parents that seem very involved. I don't really want to hold office as that sounds like too much time away for me. But I will definitely volunteer for school functions etc. As a parent they ask us to wait at least 2 weeks to come have lunch at school with our kid(s). I would not want to upset Lindsay and try to have lunch with her too soon, she has a very clingy temperment and might want mom to just take her home after lunch.

Besides being distracted with all of that I am getting ready for a big consignment sale that I am shopping in and selling in during the whole first week of school. I am selling 90 items that add up to 843.00 in this sale. Some of which did not sell during the Spring sale so I am putting them on again. I am working 4 shifts between 8/3 and 8/6 and I will be so happy when it's all over! I hope to make enough money back to pay for a nice chunk of Lindsay's winter wardrobe. Gotta love consignment sales!! WOO HOO!! Retail Therapy for the first week of school!!!!

Here's hoping you all are having a good summer! Enjoy what you have left!!

Chris, Mike, Lindsay & Brooke

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