Sunday, June 12, 2011

Swim Lessons 6/11/2011

Brooke likes her teacher Sarah.
Brooke does a good job following directions.

Brooke waits for her next turn.

Practicing floating on her back.

Lindsay loves her new instuctor Sawyer.

Lindsay says this is called the monkey walk.

Brooke waiting again for her turn.

Brookie can float on her back very well!

Almost done...

Brooke went underwater and here she comes up with those eyes closed.

Lindsay knocking over the floaties as asked by her teacher.

WOW! Lindsay jumps into the pool to Sawyer (she wouldn't do that for Daddy 3 weeks ago).

Brooke gets to do the same exercise that Lindsay did.

All done!!

Lindsay and her classmate get to float together.

Sawyer was cool to let them have fun on the float.

He floated them over to the side of the pool to let them off at the end of the lesson.

Overall, we are much happier with the lessons the girls are getting from Aqua Tots this season.

Lindsay is much more confident this year!! And of course Brooke has no fear, and she is doing great! We are very proud of their swimming skills so far this summer.

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