Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fun at the Lake 6/11/2011

Yesterday we went to Lake Allatoona and swam with the kids, Lindsay, Brooke, Cambree and Avery ( our neigbor Crystal and Gary's twin grandaughter's). The girl's also made a friend the girl wearing red, was camping with her great grandma. She had the cutest freckle face!
Brooke had a blast in the lake and she was the only one of our two girls' to start walking into the lake by herself to swim out to daddy.

Lindsay refused to give up a raft and swim on her own. It was nice of our neighbor's girls' to share their rafts with our girls and they were certainly good swimmers, they swam like FISH!

Brooke figures out how to get where she wants to go. Look at her kicking away!

Lindsay having a blast in the lake!!

Brooke doing her own thing, as only Brookie can do!

The girls' all heading for shore to say goodbye as Lindsay and Brooke had 1:30 swim lessons and we had to go home and eat lunch first.

Thank you Crystal and Gary for inviting us to your camp site, we had a great time swimming with the girls'!

We hope to see you at Lindsay's Birthday party! The Neverland EXTAVAGANZA!!!

Call us when you know please.

Chris & Mike and Lindsay and Brooke!!!

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