Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Lindsay has always loved Mardi Gras beads!
This was her first FAT TUESDAY!

Daddy, Lindsay & Midnight...

Lindsay wants a hug!!

A nice Valentine photo.

Climbing the Rock Wall at Hobgood Park!

I love this photo, she looks like a little garden Gnome here.

Mommy & Lindsay slide together on the slide.

Lindsay with all her favorite things in "THE DADDY" Chair!

My sleeping Angel...

Lindsay with all her best buddies in her rocking chair.


Heading out for a walk with Mommy!

Lindsay still has this ducky in the tub. Her & Brooke share it now.

Lindsay loved her BABY TAD!

Grandada's first PRINCESS!!

Baby Lindsay, Mommy and Midnight.

Lindsay & Mommy take a bath together.

Having Waffles with Uncle Steve! (Still a Lindsay favorite)!

A bath in Aunt Patti's sink...was she ever that small?

This was Mommy's favorite outfit! Thanks Aunt Kimmie!

My eyes WERE blue...

So cute!

Happy New Year's 2007!

Under Cousin Donna's tree.

Mommy, Lindsay & Cousin Donna :)

Lindsay's first trip to Costco.

Playing with my BFF Graison and her big sister Caylin.

In my first robe.

Lindsay & Daddy :)

Graison and Lindsay are 7 months apart.

I wish Mommy would give me some...

Again in the Daddy Chair...

It's almost 2007!!

12/27/2006 Happy Birthday Mommy!!

These are some of the photos from the beginning of Lindsay's life, that Mike and I treasure. Neither of us can believe she is almost 5!! Pretty soon and her and her sister will be in high school!!

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