Monday, June 27, 2011


Aunt KK brought a Slip-n-slide for Lindsay to try.

Lindsay was not quite sure that she wanted to do it the "traditional" way, so KK got a rope and pulled Lindsay on the slip-n-slide. She had a blast with that!

Once she had the hang of it,Lindsay took off her tee-shirt and went for it!

WOO HOO! A mouth full of water!!

Showing off a little bit!!

Speaking of showing off...Lindsay got her FIRST BICYCLE for her birthday (Thanks to grandma and grandpa for the training wheels!)

Lindsay rode her bike all over the place at the beach. She even rode it TO the beach a few times with Dad walking beside her.

Our Happy Biker girl, just look at that SMILE!!

Dad and Lindsay go for a ride together around the complex.

Dad walking while Lindsay heads for the Beach!

Basket, check, Helmet, check, sand pail, CHECK!!!!

A good time in the sand!!

Lindsay LOVES to find SHELLS!!

...looking for MORE shells!

Running from the waves!

By the end of the few days we were down there Lindsay was LOVING swimming in the ocean! Mike and I are so proud of her for that. It is a huge milestone for her not to fear the water!

I think this looks like Mermaid Lindsay!

Lindsay and Mommy at a really good restaurant in Port Saint Joe.

Pretty girl on the dock of the bay. Dad took her down to let her watch the local fishermen clean their catch. Lindsay thought it was cool, someone took her photo for us with a big fish and so far have not emailed it to me. We actually met 2 people from Woodstock, Ga down on the dock.

We went to watch the Sunset at Port St. Joe.

It was relaxing to watch the sailboats go by and wave to the people.

The Bresnan 3 minus one :(

This is one of Mike's favorite shots!

This is one of mine!

So nice to be in Florida for a beautiful sunset.

Mike took some photos of my new hair style.

Lindsay & Aunt KK at Sunset!

Lindsay & Daddy at Sunset!

Ahhhh...time to go back to the house and relax!!

Thank you, Karen and Kevin for offering up your new relaxation home to us. It was wonderful to have a rent free, low finance, vacation. We hope to go with you all again another time. Sorry you couldn't be there with us Kevin! Mike would have fished if you had been there!

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