Monday, June 27, 2011


Mike , Lindsay and I went down to Mexico Beach to visit Karen and Kevin's place they call "The Camp". It was awesome down there. Very private and quaint, we could totally see why it's their "escape".
Mike waiting for a wave to body surf in.

Mike and Lindsay playing in the sand.

Mike hauls Lindsay out into the ocean to swim. She initially did not like it one bit. However, the next day she was having such fun she didn't want to come back to shore. I could hear her screaming "Get me out of here Daddy!!"

You will see very shortly what the result of that was...


Daddy found "lunch" out in the ocean J/K it was only a dead fish!

KK, Linds and I at our first restaurant The Fish House, which was pretty good.

KK & Lindsay getting ready for bed. KK loved having the honor to read Lindsay her night, night story!

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