Monday, June 20, 2011

Lindsay's Birthday Dinner 6/20/2011

At 5:30 we met Aunt KK and Uncle Kevin at WOW for dinner and MORE presents!!
A happy Birthday girl receiving a Happy Birthday Barbie!!

A Happy KK!!

Lindsay LOVED her Happy Birthday Barbie!! It came with a Tiara and a matching one for Lindsay.

Lindsay just LOVES her new Barbie!!

She loved the party dress, especially.

KK being so funny trying on Barbie's Tiara!

KK loves on her Doodlebug!

Lindsay gets a cupcake for dessert tonight.

She makes a wish and blows out her 5!

Mommy and Lindsay who is sporting new blue teeth now.

...and a BLUE tongue!!

KK and Lindsay being SILLY!!!

Thanks to Aunt KK and Uncle Kevin for making the last of Lindsay's birthday celebration more fun! Thanks for dinner, and all the gifts. Lindsay loves her new make up!! She also loves her study books and the fact that they are wipeable so she can share them with Brooke when she is ready for school! It will be here faster than we know it.

Love you guys!!

Chris, Mike, Lindsay & Brooke

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