Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Aunt Helen holds and feeds Brooke while her sons pay close attention to their new cousin.

Lindsay at age 3 trying to swing in the baby swing.

Aunt Helen enjoys feeding another little one.

Brooke Marie Bresnan 7/11/2008 in hindsight we should have collected. LOL!

Lindsay holds her sister for the very first time.

Aunt Helen's oldest son shows off a birthday present.

Chris, Lindsay & Michael before Brooke came along ( Lindsay's first Easter ).

Lindsay is so thankful that Aunt Helen is her God Mother.

Lindsay's first PEEP'S!

Adam feeds his Baby Cousin.

Brooke's 2nd Halloween- we all enjoy doing Halloween at Aunt Helen's and Uncle David's neighborhood.

The Butterfly Princess and The Little Mermaid.

Aunt Agatha takes Brooke to trick-or-treat.

Aunt Agatha and Brooke at one of the neighbor's doors.

Brookie in the stroller for part of her second Halloween.

Brooke ditched her wings because they weren't comfortable, she has her pink glow light and her pumpkin carrier ready to go.

Cousin Derek in his scary costume!!

What a pretty butterfly Princess.

Carving Pumpkins.

Lindsay's first walking Halloween!! WOOHOO!

The Ninja and the BLUE Power ranger.

Nini, Chris, Adam, Lindsay and Derek.

Cousin Adam with his new cousin Brooke.

Uncle David holds Brookie for the first time!

Aunt Helen helps Derek hold his newest Cousin Brooke for the first time.

Aunt Helen holds her new niece for the first time.

Helen's big boys using their new birthday presents this past Easter.

Helen's pretty nieces running in the yard on Easter Sunday.

The Bresnan 4 say Happy Birthday Aunt Helen!!

Your Virtual Birthday Cake made by Lindsay Cecile Bresnan.



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