Monday, June 6, 2011

6/4/2011 Swim Lessons

June 4th we took Lindsay & Brooke for swimming lessons. These were Brooke's first lessons and she did awesome.
Brooke liked her teacher a lot and the funny thing is the teacher all wet reminds me of my niece Melinda especially in this photo.

The teacher did great, she actually showed Brooke how to get out of the pool just in case of a fall in. Also, how to float on her back to help her breathe.

Lindsay was like a FISH in the water this year!! She rocked in the deep end! She even went underwater with her instructor to pick up rings below.

Check her out floating in the deep end she was miles from where she was last year. She even jumped into the pool to her instructor which she doesn't even do with Daddy.

She actually got to use the swim noodle this time.

Mike and I are so proud of both of our girls' and how they reacted to their swim lessons this year. For her first time in the pool without Daddy Brooke was so courageous! That's our "NO FEAR" Brookie!!

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