Friday, May 20, 2011

Lindsay's Spring Pre-k Photo May 2011

Here is Lindsay's final photo of the school year. We're very proud of how much she has learned and grown this year. We feel that she is ready for Kindergarten this Fall. Her teacher's Ms. Kathleen and Miss Julie have been awesome! Her school has been awesome! She can count to 100 now, with only a little prompting. She has learned the value of sharing and working well with others; which has helped in her relationship with her little sister. Lindsay has learned a lot more about being a big sister this year and being patient with Brooke. She will be 5 on June 20 this summer. She is very excited for her birthday and her sister's to come. Brooke will be 3 on 7/11 this summer. It's so much fun to have all these summer birthday's and this will be the first year that Lindsay will have many of her peers to invite to her party!

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