Saturday, May 21, 2011


A lovely photo of the Birthday Girl!
Brooke gives mama a big CHEESE for thr camera.

The birthday girl is about to get to make her wish!

Hadley blows out her candles.

Kiri holds a big bunch of Pink and white balloons.

I am surprised they did not carry her away.

Hadley opens our gift.

Aunt Agatha and her dad, and her niece Brooke.

Brooke mugs for the camera.

Hadley opens more presents.

Hadley's mom checks out one of her presents.

Kiri and Hadley look at a card.

Hadley opens more cards, usually it is a crazy mess with all the sisters and other kids wanting to help open presents.

Hadley and her friend set up her Toy Story Operation game we got for her.

Lindsay gets in on the game too.

The girls enjoyed playing the game, especially for the toy money.

The girls' still play and then Hadley's Uncle Dick got in on the game.

I think Hadley likes OPERATION!!

There is fear in Hadley's eyes for her friend, hopefully she won't touch the metal side!!

Hadley is pretty good at the game.

Many Thanks to Hadley and her family for inviting us to her birthday, we hope you had a great time. Lindsay and Brooke had a blast! Thanks for having us and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!

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