Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Girls Have Fun In Ellijay While Mom and Dad Were Away!

The night we went to Bon Jovi the girls camped out in a new tent, that Uncle Steve and Aunt Patti gave them. Daddy packed their new sleeping bags that they got for Christmas (Pink of course!) Brooke had a little bit of a moment missing mom and dad. But Lindsay was a great big sis and calmed her down and comforted her.
They got to take a JACUZZI bath with TONS of BUBBLES! That was the talk of the night!

Check out the bubbles over-flowing out of the tub!

Thanks Pat and Steve, Mike and I had a great date night! Bon Jovi was awesome and we really appreciate the help with the girls. We love you!

Chris, Mike, Lindsay & Brooke

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