Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Donuts With Dad's 5/13/2011

Daddy and Lindsay together at Donuts for Dad's at Pre-K.
Lindsay's drawing of her Daddy.

The school year is wrapping up for her. This Friday they have water day and all the kids can come to school in their bathing suits and closed toed shoes. They are allowed to bring a spray bottle to play on the playground at least it's going to be warmer by the end of the week. We also have a family picnic on May 25th after school where we can bring blankets and dinner and hang out and eat, the school supplies the cake. Then the 26th the kids have an ice cream day at school and the 27th SCHOOL'S OUT FOR THE SUMMER!! The school wants to celebrate all the kid's who have summer birthday's and since Lindsay's is June 20th we are bringing cupcakes to her class on May 23rd so her whole class can celebrate her birthday with her. She is very excited for her real birthday to get here! You can barely talk about it with her without her asking how many days she has left!
So we'll see how much more fun we have this summer. Lindsay and Brooke are very excited about what things we will be doing this summer. Especially, their birthday's!!

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