Thursday, April 21, 2011


On Tuesday KK decided she wanted us to come up to the lake and feed the ducks.
We found plenty of Baby ducklings at first, but they weren't really hungry yet.

So cute!

Lindsay throwing out the bread, but they just would not eat.

The ducklings swimming away.

I got to feed the Canadian Geese who were a little too scary for the kids. They like to hiss a lot.

Lindsay and Brooke decide to start feeding the fish.

We had a hard time keeping the ducks away so we could continue feeding the fish.

Lindsay, Aunt KK and Brooke.

The ducks start honing in on our area of fish feeding.

Here is quite a large fish diving back under.

Thanks KK it was good to have some play time with you this week!!

We love you,

Lindsay & Brooke

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