Monday, April 18, 2011


Lindsay and her BFF Graison share a double stroller at the zoo.
Brooke & Rylann both 2 share a sroller as well!

Rylann and Brooke check out the Flamingo's or "Mingos" as Rylann likes to call them. :)

Cutie Pie Rylann gives my camera a sweet smile!!

Lindsay and Graison doing their Flamingo impressions by standing on 1 leg!

Look how much tqtaller Graison is than Brooke!

We are off into the Petting Zoo. whoo, it stinks in here!

Lindsay and Brooke pick the same goat to pet!

Brooke moves on to the pretty white goat.

Now she likes to pet the lamb. Singing Brookie's Little lamb!

Graison and Linds share a goat to pet!

Sister's share another animal.

Graison takes a shade break AND a photo op!

I get MY photo op with a very tame goat.

Lindsay and Brooke come over to check out mom's goat.

What a sweet goat trying to get a little shut eye and enjoying a good rubbing.

Pretty G poses with my sweet goat!

Graison still pets the goat, not sure what Brooke is doing behind us.

Brooke LOVES the white goats.

Lindsay and Graison trying to get a good Panda stamp on thier hands before we go in to see the NEW baby Panda bear!!

Here is the BABY sleeping so sweetly!

Now he is awake and you can see his eyes!

Bear enjoys some lunch.

Another angle of the GORGEOUS PANDA!

I have Brooke helping her look up at the Panda!

Here we areMom and Brooke checking out the baby!

YUMMY It must be lunch time! It is so hard to leave the Panda area, they are so cute and fun to watch!!

Now we are at The Tiger area!

Here is the info on the tiger we were checking out!

The orangatangs were delightful to watch.

Look how HUGE this guy was!!

Mama Missy holding up her Rylann so she could see better.

The girls doing their monkey impressions.

Caylin and I strike a pose!

The Kamodo Dragon was fascinating to the kids.

Close up he looks very cool!.

Graison sits on the Dragon's head while Lindsay not so patiently waits for her turn.

G is being a camera ham!!

Brooke's turn to sit on the dragon.

Finally, Lindsay gets her turn.

Lindsay hamming it up some more.

Rylann does not want anything to do with the statues! LOL!

The Sea otters were playing in the dirt.

Now they are digging holes.

Finally, one went into the water.

A Yucky vulture with a fake dead Zebra!!

The EVER-FAMOUS Orange elephants!

Daddy doing the Barney elephant dance with Brooke on his shoulders.

Brooke looks at the camera!

R-L Graison, Lindsay and Caylin!

Graison, Lindsay and Caylin all beautiful girls!!

One more elephant shot.

Lindsay and Graision (up top) pretending to be Meer cats (SP?)

Lindsay (TOP) Graison on the bottom.

Rylaa (bottom) Brooke (top).

Mommy (Top) Brooke (Bottom)

This particular Giraffe was very Pregnant.

Brooke's favorite animal...The Zebra!!

The Rhino was being uncooperative to take his photo.

The parakeet
area!!Brooke trying her best to catch that white bird.

All of the keets lined up in a row.

Mike bought some sticks with food on them and this yellow keet liked him a lot. Plus, the food!

Caylin caught herself a pretty blue keet.

Brooke is a bit unsure about being this close!

I thought this sign was funny and actually none of us got poo'ed on!!

Lindsay and Graison play on the Lion and tiger statues.

Cute photo Graison!!

Mike gets a green parakeet with his stick and Lindsay won't hold it.

Brooke on the tiger head.

Caylin an her little sister Rylann pose on the baby tigers.

Lindsay and Graison pose pretty by the Azalea's.

Brooke chooses the merry-go round and the big girls chose the Bouncy house.

Brooke really wanted The Panda to ride.

What a brave girl riding all by herself!

It looks like she is reaching for the BRASS RING!!

Lindsay running in the Bouncy house!

Graison also running in the Bouncy House!

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