Saturday, April 23, 2011

Brooke's Easter Egg Hunt 4/22/2011

Today Lindsay had an Easter egg hunt at school, so Brooke would not feel left out when Lindsay came home with all her candy. I filled up eggs with jelly beans and Robins eggs for Brooke to hunt in our front yard. She was very excited to have her very own hunt!
Every time she saw an egg, she would squeal with delight. We really should have video taped it. Plus there was one "surprise" for her to find.

Brooke finds a YELLOW egg!

Now she finds PURPLE!

This is my favorite photo of the day. She was so stoked to have three eggs at one time.

YAY!! She found the SURPRISE!! She LOVED the mini gum ball machine!!

One happy GIRL!!

Here she is shaking her jelly bean eggs!

All done...she enjoyed using her Tangled Bag!!
Happy Easter to all!


Chris, Mike, Lindsay & Brooke Bresnan!!

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