Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Happy Birthday Derek! This blog is devoted to you, it's all of my favorite photos with you in them. Here you are with your brother and your 2 cousins, Lindsay and Brooke, Brooke is just a couple days old. And of course this is Nana with all of her grandchildren in one photo. Here is what Brooke looked like when you came to visit us at the hospital on 7/12/2008.
This is you, your mommy and Adam checking Brooke out for the first time.
Derek holds his baby cousin Brooke Marie for the very first time. (with a little help from mom).
This is one of my all time favorites. We gave you this phone for your first birthday, and now our girls' play with it a lot.
Derek and Uncle Mike pose in the back of the Hummer limousine.
My precious ring bearer! June 15,2002. I thought you looked so sweet and handsome that day. I always knew you were my nephew, right from the day you were BORN!
Derek showing off at the zoo!
Derek here you are holding your new cousin Lindsay on one of our camping trips, she has always been so calm and serene around you. She loves you bunches!

Happy 12th birthday Derek! We hope you had a great day. We tried to call you but it was a little too late. I think you were already in bed for school tomorrow. We will see you soon for Easter and a birthday party for you and Adam as per usual.

Much love and lots of good wishes!!


Uncle Mike, Aunt Chris,

and your cousin's Lindsay and Brooke!! XXXOOO!!

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