Saturday, April 2, 2011

Double Birthday Parties!!

We had the honor of attending 2 birthday parties today.




This is Zoe's pink block castle! Everone singing to Zoe.
Zoe picks a chocolate cup cake with Pink icing.
Daddy and Brooke playing ball in the Quigg's yard.
Zoe with her cupcake and Graison right beside her eating her cupcake.
Dad reminding Lindsay to let Zoe open her own presents. Lindsay can't wait for her birthday to get here!!
Zoe, Lindsay and mom Jessica (Lindsay is still helping).!! LOL!
Zoe opening our gift, she got 3D sidewalk chalk and she was very excited by it.
A picture of all the Quigg girls' Easter dresses!! SO PRETTY!!
Our first party for Madison was a My Little Pony theme. Matt and Mary Kay did a great job on the cake.
Matt used to be my personal trainer way back when. Now he has a daughter and knows how awesome it is to be a parent!
I caught a great smile from Madison and what a cutie she is!!
Look at that sweet heart with her Curious George in her lap!
Lindsay shows off her purple tongue from the cake icing!
Time for presents!!
Madison racked up for a 2 year old!!
Madison and her mommy Mary Kay opening cards and presents together!
Madison holding the My Little Pony Stickers that we also got her, along with a purple pony.
Everyone sings Happy Birthday to you!

We had a great time at both parties! The girls ran on adrenaline all day. Now they both want to know how long til their birthday's!!

Thank you, Matt and Mary Kay and thank you to Jessica and Scott for inviting us all. It is always a special event to celebrate BIRTHDAY'S!!!!

Much Love and Good Wishes,

The Bresnan Family

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