Thursday, March 17, 2011


Aunt Patti rocking with Lindsay (Christmas 2007)
Lindsay gets a polar bear from cousin Michael (2007)

Lindsay says "I Love Pat" on the wall of the bath in 2008.

Aunt Patti plays with Lindsay while visiting Donna in the hospital.

Lindsay's 1st St. Patrick's Day- Happy Birthday Aunt Patti.

Mommy in the back seat with Brooke as we leave the hospital 7/2008

Aunt Patti is very proud she has another neice!

So tiny in her car seat and her come home outfit. Aunt Patti helped mom get Brooke ready for the ride home!

My favorite photo of me and my new baby girl Brooke Marie Bresnan.

Aunt Patti gives Brooke her last bottle before we leave the hospital.
Dear Pat,
We hope you have a wonderful birthday. Lindsay, Brooke, Mike and I love you so much. Thank you for always being there for us. Especially, little did we know 31/2 weeks later you really had to be there for us. Not with much choice. You were such a prominent part of saving my life so I could get back to enjoying my two babies!
Love your baby sister, Mike and the girls!

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