Friday, March 18, 2011

Hangin' with the Neighbor's

Lindsay went for her 1st ride on a four-wheeler this evening. But, not alone our neighbor drove her around the subdivision!
We made Smores by the fire pit.

Nikki kept scaring all the kids on the swing.

Nikki showing off with the Hoola-Hoop.

She is still going...

...and going!

Lindsay tried the hoola hoop but eventually just danced around with it.

Here Lindsay is still dancing...Brooke was at Aunt Agatha and Uncle Paul's so we could keep her germ free from Lindsay. She had a stomach bug the day before.

Lindsay learned a neat rolling trick with the hoop.

Another fire pit shot.

The neighbor's beefing up the wood.

One of the cousin girls trying to beat Nikki's record.

She keeps going...

She breaks Nikki's record.

The ULTIMATE Hoola-Hoop pose.

Lindsay waits for her turn.

Our neighbor with his possible future son-in-law.

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