Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weight Watcher's Report

As of today's weigh in, I have officially lost 18 pounds. I lost 2.6 this week and I am doing great at the gym. I walked 3 miles on the treadmill yesterday in 65 minutes. I am trying to get it up to 4 before my March of Dimes walk. I am really proud of myself because I no longer need the shower stool that I borrowed from Donna. I am becoming more and more independent as I lose weight and get fit. However there are some days that the stamina is just not there and I manage to pick myself up and go exercise, there is something about the competition with myself that helps me plug along. I can't wait to hit 20# I am hoping at that mark I can finally move down a size in my pants! Thank you to everyone that has supported me in the MOD walk. I only need a few more sponsors, so I thought I would hit up the neighbors too.

Have a great weekend everyone! I sure am!



And Congratulations to my friends Renata and Larry who FINALLY just became mom and dad to the sweetest boy from Korea who is 18 months and now named Jon David Weiss!! They met him at the airport Thursday night! WOOHOO!! Best wishes to the newest best family I know!!

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