Sunday, March 20, 2011


Aunt Patti opening her gift from all of us.

Lindsay starting to freak out, because mom found a Lucky Charm that was Lindsay's from school and she threw it in Aunt Patti's bag because her birthday was on St. Patrick's Day and mom thought it would be cute...Lindsay not so much...:(

Aunt Patti reading what the coin says to Lindsay and Brooke.

Aunt Patti gives Lindsay her coin back.

Aunt Patti opens her card!

Lindsay holds up the card for all to see.

It says "Happy O'Birthday".

Brooke in her princess dress running on the driveway with her Happy Meal toy and a frisbee.

The girls got a jump rope from Aunt Patti.

Brooke playing frisbee with Uncle Steve.

Brooke TRYING to jump rope.

Now Brooke makes a HALO out of her frisbee...

She thought this was fun, especially in her "Cinderelli" dress.

Tyrene and her husband Don came by for a visit.

Lindsay and Brooke digging in the dirt after playing a game of horseshoes.

Cutie patootie Brookie!

Making a mess with the sand.

Someone fishing for Trout.

Donna walking the girls down to the bridge to feed the trout.

Here is Brooke with cupcake face after we sang Happy Birthday Aunt Patti (a few days late).

Got a Brooke smile and a Donna smile!

What a MESSY face!!!

We really had a great time celebrating with you Aunt Patti, all the food was wonderful. Uncle Steve made GREAT burgers! It was so good to see you Donna and Jeff!
Next Birthday up is Lindsay Cecile Bresnan and then two weeks later...Brooke Marie Bresnan!
We all can't wait to celebrate 3 and 5!!! Time is flying by too quickly!
Love you all,
Chris, Mike, Lindsay & Brooke :)

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