Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Day 2011

Happy New Year we are over at Mike's parent's house waiting on his brother to arrive, so we are starting work on the annual Ginger bread houses.
Adam and Derek have military men and slugs for theirs, while Lindsay and Brooke go the marshmellow, gum drop route for their houses.

Here is Uncle David coming in to check on how things are progressing.

Grandma is helping Lindsay with her icing/glue.

She is happy that she has her 4 walls erect and together. We will move on to roofs and decorations after dinner.

Daddy is working on Brooke's house for her.

The Christmas Tree still up for New Year's.

I get the "evil eye" from Lindsay for taking too many pics of her.

Daddy and Brookie work on her house.

Brooke's house is really coming together nicely.

Brooke gets to spread her own icing with Dad's help.

Brooke checking out Derek's house.

Lindsay is still figuring out where her peppermint logs are going to go.

Now we are grooving.

Lindsay in major concentration mode.
Brooke is in major concentration mode, you can tell by looking at her tongue!

Lindsay is almost done!

Just have to add some purple gum drops now!

Adam's house.

Brooke does more work with her icing.

All finished now, time to go play...

Here are all the Masterpieces!

Dad doing some last minute work on Brooke's.

Brooke is Proud of her house.

Daddy holds up the Ginger bread "GIRL" before he decorates her for Brooke.

Derek's house.

Lindsay says "GINGER BREAD"!!

All 4 Grandkids in front of their houses.

Derek's house again.
Thanks to Aunt Helen and Uncle David for bringing all the goodies for the kid's to have fun and work on their houses. I think everyone had a lot of fun!

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