Monday, January 3, 2011


This is our year in backwards order. Here I am enjoying the fake snow at Stone Mountain on 12/30/2010
The girls on New Year's Eve!

Lindsay catching snow on her tongue at Stone Mountain on 12/30.

Mom and Linds with Pricilla the Pink Pig on 12/29.

The girls singing in front of the Christmas tree.

Brooke puts up the star this year.

We had a WHITE CHRISTMAS First in a very long time.

Our Christmas card we made at Aunt Patti's house.

Lindsay with her rose after her first ever recital in pre-K

Mommy gets Bon Jovi on her birthday!!

Lindsay in the Fall Mountains.

Lindsay & Reagan at Pre-K dress up day.

Happy Halloween!

Linds & Brooke carving the pumpkin.

Mom, dad and Lindsay at Stone Mountain.

Lindsay, Brooke and Reagan have a playdate at Biello Park.

Low Country Boil at our next door neighbor's house.

Sisters hug and kiss, this is much better than the fighting!

Brooke's very 1st haircut at Aunt Patti's house.

The girls enjoy a chicken nugget picnic outside at their picnic table.

Brooke playing silly dress up in the house. Rain coat, hood and flip flops!

Grandpa's 80th birthday cake that Lindsay decorated.

Lindsay's 1st day of school ( pre-K)

Lindsay and Brooke 7/13/2010 Birthday photo shoot.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Brooke.
7-3-2010 Lindsay does sparkler's for the first time. After a lot of convincing.

Lindsay & Brooke just got home from their vacation with Aunt Agatha & Uncle Paul to see that they now share a room. So Mom and Dad spent the time while they were gone moving furniture and buying Brooke a bed. They were very excited to know that they were sharing a room now.

Happy 8th anniversary Mike and Chris! (June 15,2010)

My Beautiful Blue Eyed Brooke Marie!
Lindsay opening a birthday present from a neighbor.

Happy 4th Birthday Lindsay Cecile! In her pretty party dress before her pool party at Aunt Missy and Uncle Anthony's.
Lindsay on Aunt Missy's lap getting ready to watch her daughter Graison in a dance recital.

5-11-2010 The girls get a new backyard playset with the money they got from their Grandmother down in Orlando.

5/1/2010 Lindsay takes a rollerskating lesson.

Our family on Main Street Walt Disney World. This was Brooke's first trip to Walt Disney World.

The Girls on Easter Sunday! So pretty!

Brooke's first Easter Egg Hunt at Rylann Smith's FIRST Birthday Party.

3-17-2010 Happy St. Patrick's Day and yes, Brooke you do have a wee bit O' Irish in you but you also have a WHOLE LOTTA Italian in you too!

Brooke performs a balancing act on the back of her playtable chair so she can get an extra paci out of the sink!

February 2010 our second big snow of the year; and Lindsay loves to make Snow Angel's!

Bresnan Bob Sledding Team!

My neice Mary with Lindsay age 3, Brooke age 1 and mommy.
My favorite is Brooke only had enough hair to make a sideway's pig tail at the time.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 Brooke in one of her favorite places Grandad's Lap!

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