Saturday, January 1, 2011


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! WE HAD A WONDERFUL TIME LAST NIGHT AT RICK'S HOUSE. THE GIRLS HAD A BALL ALL PLAYING PRINCESS AND EVEN LET LITTLE ASHER INTO THE PRINCESS ROOM ONE OR TWO TIMES. TO ALL MY FAMILY AND BLOGGER FRIENDS THAT WILL BE READING THIS I HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT, SAFE, NEW YEAR'S EVE AS WE DID. WE ARE HEADING OVER TO MIKE'S PARENTS FOR OUR TRADITIONAL NEW YEAR'S MEAL. You know you have to eat a little (greens for money) and a little (black-eyed peas for luck) Neither of which I like or Mike...but we eat it anyway. Soon I will post a montage of my favorite photos from 2010 when I get time and can stay up late enough to do it. I have been working on it on face book but the new year is here and the update is not done.

Much love & happiness to all of you throughout the new year!!


The Bresnans

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