Saturday, January 8, 2011


One of our neighbor's Hailey had her 8th birthday today January 7,2011.
Her party started out at the Build-A-Bear Store.

This was Brooke's first time doing her own Build-A-Bear.
Lindsay did her first one when she was 2 and then again at 3 as a Christmas present for Brooke.

The birthday girl picks out her bear.

Hailey and Lindsay actually picked the same bear. Brooke picked a completely different one that she named Rosie.

Lindsay is seen here stuffing her bear.

Then she rubs the heart on her cheek so her bear will always have a smile!

Lindsay places the heart inside her bear.

Poor Brooke has a double ear infection and a touch of pink eye. But she was still a trooper.

Brooke placing her heart in her bear, Rosie.

Stuffing the bear for Brooke.

We had the strollers so the kids could roll their baby bears to the food court, where we would have dinner and cake. But after our train ride around the mall.

The girls all have balloons tied to their strollers and had a very good time going from place to place.

Brooke and Lindsay are at the bathe your bear station. Giving them each a good blow dry and brushing.

Hailey the Birthday girl!

Brooke leaning over to brush her bear.

Linds and Brookie still washing and combing their bears.

Too much fun!
Hailey and Lindsay pose with their matching bears.

Brooke, Lindsay and Hailey getting ready to check out.

Hailey, Lindsay, Brooke and Hailey's bro Jonathan take a photo together.

What a cute team.

Here we are on the mall train. Brooke waived and waived to everyone she passed. She even has the Miss America down flat!

More of the girls on the train. Mike rode in the second car with Jonathan.

Choo, Choo, Happy Birthday Hailey.

Hailey's dragon birthday cake with a blue rose for each child.

Hailey opens The Bresnan's card.

So excited, she got a Walmart gift card from Lindsay & Brooke

Miss Elizabeth, Hailey's mom was nice enough to make each girl a croched blanket for their bear. Because when you build a bear it's their birthday too.

Brooke really liked hers!

Lindsay and Brooke have matching blankies.

Hailey's present from Mom and Dad.

Time to sing Happy Birthday!

I think Hailey had a really nice Birthday evening by the look on her face.

It's almost time to dive into those Blue roses, she thinks.

Hailey's brother enjoys his blue rose. We all had blue tongues for a good hour or so.

Here is Happy Brookie with a blue ring around her lips. Nothing takes away from Pink eye like Blue lips and tongue!!
Blue smurf lips.
Here is Princess Lindsay with her beautiful blue tongue!
Again, Thank you Tim, Elizabeth, and Hailey for inviting us to your party. We all had a very good time. I think the bears will be good sleep snugglers for a long while to come. Thank you for the goodies, gifts and dinner. We had a blast. Don't be strangers, when it warms up some you guys should come down and play on our playset!
Much Love,
Mike, Chris, Lindsay & Brooke

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