Sunday, January 30, 2011


Riley's daddy places her dinosaur cake in front of her.
Riley blows out her candles.

Brooke is thinking "how many days until MY birthday!"

Lindsay is thinking "Forget it Brooke MINE comes First!!"

Lindsay eating the all natural cheetos...not bad. You don't get the orange fingers everywhere.

Sweet Graison, Lindsay & Brooke

Hey there my pretty-eyed girls! :)

Brooke and Riley eating birthday cake!

Beautiful smile Graison!

Graison showing off the Tangled Vanity that the Smith family gave to Riley.

All the kids checking out the prezzies.

Riley's mom reading some cards.

Riley show off her new Princess wings and shoes.

Jessica opens another card for her daughter. Lindsay was very proud that she signed her own name.

Riley's purple wings & shoes and also a very cool book from Chris and Lara Quigg.

Riley makes a funny face.
We had a great time at your party Riley. Hope you have a wonderful year.

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