Thursday, January 13, 2011


Snow day 3 requires baking cookies! We used your recipe Missy!
Lindsay had a blast, she made Peter Pan and Captain Hook cookies also.

Watching her favorite movie while pressing out cookies.

We were a little worried around 4:00 because they still weren't listing our county for no school tomorrow. Yet, they finally listed it around 6:00. So another snow day tomorrow for the girls!

The cookies ready to eat.

Lindsay is a happy girl!

Packing up snow balls to hit Daddy with!

Here she comes..great action shot dad.

You better RUN!!!

Lindsay cruching up ice so she can get to the powder.

Having fun pretending to make it snow.

Lindsay had a blast playing in the snow this evening after our walk.

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Zoey_Mell said...

awww... what cute pics! Your girls look like they have so much fun in the snow! Have you ever tried making snow icecream? It's really fun and kids love it. If you'd like the recipe then check out