Friday, December 10, 2010

Thanksgiving at the Inlaws 2010

This is the Black Cherry cake that Aunt Agatha made and Uncle Paul decorated.
Picture of Brooke that I barely recognize anymore, with all that black hair; and it's almost white blonde now!!

Here is Mike's apple pie! (notice the pilgrim hats and turkey on top!)

Derek helping Lindsay open the snow globe that Aunt Helen and Uncle David bought for her at the REAL MACY'S in New York City!

More trying to get the globe out.

Lindsay enamored with her "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clauss" globe.

Aunt Helen giving Lindsay a hug goodbye.

Brooke with her letter from Santa!

The girls were really stoked that they each got a letter from the North Pole from SANTA himself!

Lindsay "reading" her letter from Santa to her Grandad!

Both girls reading their letters from Santa to Grandad!

Brooke is now finally agreeing to sit on Santa's lap this Sunday at Breakfast with Santa at our Church.
Sunday should be very interesting. We will see if she really does it or not! Too bad their cousins won't be there this year so we could get an "All grand kid photo". I guess we will have to try for that on Christmas day! :O)

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