Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tree Trimming With Aunt Patti & Uncle Steve

Lindsay and Brooke in their Christmas Church dresses as we were trying to get a family photo of the four of us for our Christmas card pics this year.
Lindsay not really paying attention, but Brooke is doing her "sweetness" impression.

Brooke giving a HUGE CHEESE at us.
Brooke doing a "Home Alone" impression.

Brooke loves sticking her tongue out at all times.

Our beautiful baby girl.

Lindsay practises her Christmas Carolling.

I just ADORE their dresses this year!

No paci = finger in mouth.
Lindsay and mommy pose for a picture.

An outfit change just for fun.
Chris & Mike pose together.

Here is my sister's (award winning) pumpkin pie (in my book). She baked it just for me that morning because I missed her pie the most since I missed our normal family Thanksgiving.
The gang enjoying some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch after we did the photo shoot.

Uncle Steve and Jeff helping Brooke hang some ornaments.

Aunt Patti took over helping Lindsay with her ornament hanging.
Uncle Steve still helping Brookie.

Donna helps trim the tree as well.

The tree is nicely done.

Steve, his Aunt Claire, and his daughter Donna.
Mike, Aunt Claire and myself. Aunt Claire and I share the same birthdate.

My sis went to Trader Joe's and got gingerbread men for the girls to decorate.
Lindsay happy to pose with what she called her gingerbread GIRL!

Donna helps Brooke with her cookie, and Jeff helps Lindsay.

Donna and Brooke having a great time designing Brooke's cookie.

Very serious business going on here.

Brooke's final product.

Brooke anxious to try her cookie.
Lindsay waits until after dinner to finally dive into it.

Giving Dad "THE LOOK"!
Brooke shares her cookie a little with mommy!

Mom gets another bite.
Brooke gets another bite of foot.
Brooke enjoying some cool whip.

Brooke gets to enjoy A LOT of cool whip.
Trying to keep it on that tongue.

A happy girl!

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