Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Happenings 2010

Lindsay has a recital coming up next week! Her first one ever. It will be on Tuesday night at 7:00. Her class is singing 2 songs and each Pre-k class is also singing 2 songs. She is very excited about Christmas this year! She is ready to bake cookies for Santa and shop for carrots for the reindeer. Brooke is JUST ever so slowly warming up to Santa. We will see how she does on Sunday when we see him at Breakfast before Mass. I will have lots of blog posts to come between that and the recital. Oh, and our Christmas cards will be due back from the printers early next week and we should have them out soon after that. Don't worry, they are coming. The Bresnan's are just running a day late and a dollar short as usual. We intend to get our tree up this weekend....(cross your fingers) :O)P

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