Monday, December 27, 2010

More Gifts and More SNOW...12-26-2010

Brooke & Lindsay got invited to our next store neighbors on the 26th, Edie and John and Megan had some presents for the girls after they had played outside in the snow for a while.
Brooke opens her present.

Lindsay got a pack of colored markers and a big art drawing book, right up her alley.

Brooke got a new baby this one sits on the POTTY! She does not actually potty but this is good positive enforcement for Brooke as we are starting to push the potty training with her when we can.

Ms. Edie is like a Grandma to our girls especially Lindsay. Edie has been in her life since the day we brought Lindsay home from the hospital.

Brooke feeding her new baby on Mr. John's lap.

Lindsay throws a snow ball at her sister.

Brooke gets ready to retaliate!

Here it comes!

Battle of The Bresnan Sisters!!

What a snowy wet mess!!

Looking for more ammo!

How Brooke can see through that mop is beyond me!!

What a cutie pie smile!

She Ain't Called Brooke The Bruiser for Nothing!! LOL!

Trying to make ammends and be a SNOW ANGEL!!!
Thanks to our neighbor's and friends and family who have gone out of their way to spoil our sweeties this holiday season. We really appreciate and love you all!

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