Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Night Dinner @ Mike's Parents AND...SNOW!!!

Brooke, Lindsay and her pillow pet practice the organ.
Lindsay and her pillow pet, Polly Anna alone playing the organ.

A view from Grandad's deck.

So pretty! We are so Blessed to have a White Christmas this year!

Everyone at the dinner table before presents.

The other side of the table, Lindsay sits next to her cousin Derek as usual.

Grandmama's Tree with all the presents just waiting for the kids.

How nice it looks when the tree is all lit up.

More photos of our gorgeous snow day!

Brooke gets to start with the largest present box.

Trying to get all the Grandkids together for a photo. Brooke slams her juice like a college kid!

Adam, Brooke peeking out, Lindsay & Derek.

All the cousin's having fun together.

Adam & Lindsay opening gifts!

Lindsay gets the game Elefun from Aunt Agatha & Uncle Paul. We hear it's a really cool game.

Derek opens a gift from Aunt Agatha and Uncle Paul.

Brooke racks up with a Princess castle which is sort of a fort with a tube and may connect with the one Cousin Ed and Jessica gave them.

Brooke opens a bath baby from Aunt Agatha and Uncle Paul. Of course the first thing she does with it is strips it naked!

Lindsay opens her precious dog with an adorable Barbie Carrier, a leash and all things to groom her and take care of her just like a vet.

Adam with another gift!

Derek already collecting presents and passing them to his mom.
Brooke gets a Giant Piggy bank. She really likes pigs. Whenever we go to JD's BBQ she always asks to see the pig fly at the cash register. And when we leave there are 3 or 4 little stone piggies that she always has to pet, each one!

Lindsay opens more presents. She actually got a super cool purse from Aunt Agatha and Uncle Paul, it is black with her "L" initial on it in hot Pink and it came with a wallet and an "L" charm.

Brooke with her bath baby and dying to get it out of the box, so she can strip it!! LOL!
I love the expression on her face and the anticipation showing as Agatha helps her unwrap her new bath Dolly (as Brooke calls it).

Big Cheese Brooke!

Uncle Paul gets put to work by Brooke.

Brooke pretends to wash Aunt Helen's hair.

Lindsay with her new doggy that she asked EVERYONE for, and Aunt Helen & Uncle David were nice enough to get it for her!

Brooke looking at a book she got, and she feels Santa's beard. Maybe next year will really be her big Christmas now that she sort of GET'S the whole Santa Clauss thing.

Lindsay shows us her Elefun game.

Derek driving around his radio race car.

Uncle Paul and Adam play one of Adam's new games together.
Brooke hugs her new baby!

After we got home Daddy went outside and took some photos of the snow in our yard!

We enjoyed a beautiful Christmas with both our families and enjoyed our children so much! Thank you to everyone for spoiling our angel girls! We love you all! Here is too a great White christmas, our girl's first ever, my first ever and a HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!

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