Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Today was my birthday, I choose not to say what year, the important people know and it's MY BLOG so I can choose which details I choose to leave out! :)
The kid's and Mike, Paul and Agatha took me out to dinner. This was my "MOMMY" card and Mike did well to choose PEANUTS wrapping paper to wrap my gift in.

Most people say the women in my family can not keep a secret. So now I know that Lindsay comes by it honestly! She revealed my gift to me at the restaurant while we were waiting on our table. And YES it was something I really wanted BADLY!

I am opening it now...look at the anticipation on my face!

WAHOO!!! Bon Jovi's greatest hits which is what I am sitting here listening to as I blog!

All I need now is for them to come to town and someone to buy me the tickets!!!

Mom is very happy!!

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Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! I love Bon Jovi too. Wish I could get his CD now. Could it be that your a capricorn why you appreciate great music? :) Enjoy!!