Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning 12/25/2010

Our Family Tree with all the goodies underneath it.
Mary getting Brooke up and helping to carry her dollies into the living room.

Full shot of the tree presents and all.

Lindsay and Brooke coming down the hall to see what Santa has left them.

Mary showing Lindsay and Brooke the empty glass and plate that Santa left.

The first present opened this morning.

Lindsay very excited over her Lady Bug Pillow Pet!

Mary helps Brooke open hers.

Lindsay got a Lady Bug, and Brooke got a Bumble Bee!

Very Happy with her Pillow Pet I'd say.

Brooke sits on her Bumble Bee.

She really likes hers too. They both took them in the car to Grandma's house for dinner tonight.

Brooke opens a navy Jaket and Lindsay opens 2 pairs of pj's. She got a new Little Mermaid pj set and an old fashioned flannel night gown.

She really liked both!
Brooke checking out her Twinkle Toe Sketchers! They loved them Christy & Noel, Thank you very much!
Lindsay holds up her sketchers for you Christy & Noel!

The stockings were FULL!

Lindsay got PURPLICIOUS and the matching pair of pajamas from Aunt Denise.

Brooke got PINKALICIOUS and the matching pajamas.

Lindsay opening one of her Barbie Dolls.

Now, she is trying on her new Princess slippers, her and Brooke got matching pairs.

PETER PAN with Mary Martin is Lindsay's favorite!

Lindsay and Brooke open a box for both of them. They got several movie's this year, The Jungle Book, Pocahontas, Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue, The Wizard of Oz, Johnny Appleseed, Kipper, 3 different Dora movies, A Mickey's Magical Christmas, 2 Barbie Movies and so on. They can watch movies until the end of time. Not that we want that mind you.
Lindsay displays a Little Mermaid Ornament she got from mom & dad.

Here is the portable DVD player we got for the van from SANTA to the whole family ( which Mike found on clearance at Walmart 4 months ago) It is nice because each girl can watch 2 different movies at a time when we are on a long trip. Plus, it has HEADPHONES!! Now we just need a long trip to go on and afford...LOL!

They liked that idea!!
The girl' LOVED having Cousin Mary here. But, they were sad when she left.

Brooke gets ready to plow through her stocking.

Lindsay too!

Brooke was joined at the hip with Mary!

Santa topped off their stockings!!!

Mommy's favorite gift from Dad!!

Brooke showing off her Sleeping Beauty Barbie!
The girls and daddy got me a new VERY soft robe for the winter, some new slippers and a cut and color before my birthday!
Thank you, Mike, Lindsay & Brookie. Mommy loves all her prezzies!

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