Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve in Ellijay

Christmas Eve Excitement!
Jeff & Donna

Donna & Chris

Brooke and Aunt Patti play peekaboo!

Brooke LOVES this game!

Lindsay & Brooke won't let poor Jeff up!

Lindsay helps Uncle Steve make his "perfect mashed potatoes"

It takes a lot of strength to use the ricer.

Brooke really wanted to help but she has to get a little bit bigger.

Lindsay points to the pot and says "They're almost perfect!"

Brookie asking Uncle Steve again when it will be her turn.

Now we are back to the ricer.

Lindsay gives Uncle Steve's hand just a little help.

Look in the back at Booke, she is just finishing up Peek-a-boo!

Perfect Mashed potatoes is HARD work!

Yummy dinner, the little tiny wine glass is Brooke's juice box poured in.

Brooke eats her dinner.

The beginning of present time!!

Brooke and Lindsay got matching Santa hats from Ed and his girlfriend Jessica! Who we were so happy to see them, it was a total surprise, we haven't seen them since April.

Wow, surprise Santa Disney fairy hats!

Sisters in their matching Christmas hats!

The girls opening a big box of presents sent up with Ed from Aunt Teresa, Uncle Ernie, and Cousin Matthew.

Lindsay got a Barbie and Ken doll.

Another shot of Ken.
Brooke with the other big box...but they have to SHARE it!

Donna and Jeff give each Lindsay and Brooke musical Disney glitter balls.

Here is the other big box, the horse and carriage.

From Donna to Brooke the 1996 Barbie Gymnast.

Lindsay and Brooke got small banks and very pretty Cinderella jewelry boxes.
Mary shows Brooke how to get the money out.

Brooke & Lindsay get new sleeping bags that can zip together and become one.

Lindsay and Brooke show off they're horse and carriage.

Donna gives Brooke her present from Michael.

Lindsay and her jewelry box.

The Best gift of the night! Lindsay's nickname is often "bug". Uncle Steve calls her "Lindsay Bug", and KK calls her "doodle bug". So Aunt Patti and Uncle Steve got them matching pink sweat suits. Lindsay's says "Lindsay the Bug" and Brooke's says...

..."Brooke the Bruiser" and trust me She comes by it honestly!!!

Lindsay admires her new play hair care kit. (Missy same one that G got for her birthday.

Jessie helps Lindsay take a look at what she's got.
It was so nice to see Jessica and Ed and Mary came home with us to spend the night it was so Awesome to even spend one day with Mary! She got to be here this morning and get to watch the girls unwrap their Santa gifts!
Thanks so much everybody for all the gifts and for spoiling the girls so much. We had such a great visit with everyone and a Merry Christmas!!
Chris, Mike, Lindsay & Brooke!

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