Sunday, December 12, 2010

Breakfast With Santa 2010

Brooke and Aunt Agatha arriving to see Santa.
My Bible Study sister Amy, who gave us BAGS of clothes for Lindsay and Brooke from sizes 4T through 6 or 7! So nice she even gave us a dress for the girls' first Communion! (which it will be a while before that!!)

Mike and I after breakfast.

Lindsay and her oldest cousin Derek pose together.

Happy kids!

Adam telling Santa what he wants for Christmas, let's hope he doesn't get it confused with Lindsay's list! LOL!

All the Grandkids minus Brooke who was taking a little nap somewhere quiet.

Nice smile Lindsay, Derek open your eyes.

Uncle Paul and Brooke getting ready to go up to Santa.

Today at least she will speak to him...for now...

Oh my, Brooke says, Santa you are just a little to close to me and my baby doll.

Now, we have ALL the grandkids. Brooke isn't really having it now.

The Bresnan Family

As long as daddy is holding Brooke she is okay.

Brooke waves to Santa!

We let Lindsay get her face painted AFTER the photos with Santa

Brooke pouting because she does not want to give Lindsay back her little finger puppet Santa.

Overall it was a successful day. We saw lots of friends and had a nice time with family. The breakfast was good as always. Santa was very nice and friendly with the kids! Unfortunately, during Mass, Mike had to take the girls to the cry room because they were talking too much and giggling over Lindsay's painted face.

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