Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lindsay's Pre-K Holiday Recital 12-14-2010

Lindsay waving to us!
Another group shot of all three classes together.

Lindsay with her hands up to her face during "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas".

Lindsay singing with some of the pre-k group sitting in the front.

Final group shot of "We wish you a Merry Christmas!"

Lindsay and her class BFF Reagan.

Lindsay was so excited that mommy got her a rose for her special first recital!
Lindsay & Reagan looking BEAUTIFUL in their Christmas red dresses.

Our pretty girl!

Linds posing with her rose.

Brooke was so proud of her big sister she wanted to get in with the big girls and take pictures. Don't worry Brookie you will get a turn in 2 more years!

:Pretty Reagan knows how to "Strike a pose".
The recital went off very well. The big kids really knew their words. We could actually hear Lindsay from our seats! Our next door neighbors came; as well as Aunt Patti and Uncle Steve, Grandma & Grandpa, Aunt Agatha and Uncle Paul, Cousin Donna and her beau Jeff. Then we treated the girls to ice cream at Chic-fil-a with Donna, Jeff, Agatha, Paul, Grandma, and Grandpa and managed to get Lindsay home and in bed by 9:30!
Tomorrow we get to decorate the tree!!! YAY!!

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