Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lindsay's First Trip To The Dentist!

9/22/2010 Lindsay is about to get her teeth cleaned for the first time ever!
Janice her hygienist (and mine too) was just AWESOME with Lindsay!

The first thing Lindsay got to do was go pick out a stuffed animal to hold and she chose the adorable pink pig you can see here in the photo.

Janice puts her gloves on and gets ready to explain to Lindsay what all her tools (friends) are.

As you see Lindsay got to wear Tinkerbell sunglasses so the light wouldn't hurt her eyes too much.

Lindsay did Such a good job! As much as most people do not like getting their teeth cleaned. She didn't seem to mind at all! Note: Look how she is squeezing her pink pigs foot!

Janice counted all of Lindsay's teeth. 10 on bottom and 10 on top!

Now she is doing the actual cleaning with bubble gum flavored cleaner.

No cavities in this mouth everyone!

Janice called the "suction" Mr. Thirsty :)

Now Doc Reilly examines Lindsay's teeth and bite.
She has a tiny bit of a cross bite, but Dr. Reilly says she should grow out of that.

Lindsay complained a bit about her right side hurting and Doc Reilly says she is already getting a bit of her six year molars coming up. He thinks she will probably have them some time around her fifth birthday! WOW!

Here is Dr. Reilly posing with his excellent patient after he gave her some cool toys and new toothbrushes for her AND Brooke! He is such a great guy!

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