Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Visit to The Big Rat (aka CHUCKY)

Missy & Anthony's girls Rylann (pacifier) and Caylin (no pacifier) LOL!
Graison running back from hugging Chuck.

Mike asked G to go back and give him another hug so he could get a photo for Missy and some other girls mom...

Caylin climbing in the tubes.

Brooke & Caylin and some boy we didn't know who was following them all over the place.

The same three.
Brooke concentrating hard on that tongue.

Rylann and Graison on the carousel.

Graison holding her tokens in her cup with that sly smile on her face.

Rylann LOVES Chucky Cheese

The following boy, Brooke & Caylin

Caylin & Brooke giving a huge CHEESE smile

Having fun in the tubes!

Brooke loves to slide!

Lindsay on the carousel still looking concerned from her Chucky sighting!

Brooke liked Chucky but would only wave to him from mommy's lap. she crawled up on me faster than you could say "Boo" and that was because Agatha was too busy trying to console Lindsay!

My beautiful blue eyed baby girl!

Brooke riding the horsey's with G and Linds.

Lindsay making her super model face.

Graison and her baby sister Rylann riding an interactive roller coaster

Agatha helping Brooke play the "feed the Froggy" game.

Now Brooke is playing.
Graison & Lindsay also on the interactive roller coaster.

Lindsay is scared to watch but G is trying to make her.

Missy and her youngest little girl Rylann riding the Big horsey!

I think I am seeing some big time "MOMMY LOVE" on mom's face!

Daddy supervises!

Lindsay and Brooke feed the ticket machine to see what prizes they can afford.

We are getting there...
Mommy played several games of Skee ball to win many tix for the girls.

Look at all the tickets in Daddy's hand!!

Brooke and Lindsay each got to take turns feeding the tickets to the "ticket monster".

Lindsay got some make up and Brooke got a pretty bracelet and a plastic fish!

Lindsay could not resist a ride with Barney!!
All in all we all had a really fun play date! It was so good to see Missy and Anthony and their whole brood again. We've missed you guys!

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