Saturday, September 25, 2010

Our Day at the Botanical Gardens

Brooke helping Grandad pull the cooler over to Piedmont Park for our picnic.
She has Super-Toddler strength...

Lindsay looking a little wimpy here.

All of us getting ready to do the Canopy Walk.

Brooke & Lindsay pose by one of the many fountains.

Daddy gets artistic.

Another pretty Daddy shot.

Lindsay kisses the Frog Prince!

Brooke did not want much to do with the Froggy.

Lindsay is being a little shy.

The girls pose with the giant pears.

Another gorgeous fountain!

Linds & Brooke who is showing off her diaper.

Lindsay is playing in the fountain water.

Serious Brooke

Lindsay getting eaten by the giant catapillar.

Slide time!

How tall are you?
The Moo cow is going to brush his teeth.

Brookie and the big sheep.

Brooke with Mamma Goose behind her.

Lindsay & the Beautiful Butterfly

Brooke who tells us she wants to be a Butterfly for Halloween.

The Giant butterfly!

Lindsay giving not such a good look to dad.
Blue bird, blue bird
Getting ready to see the bee-hive.

A very beautiful Butterfly pic Mike took for me.

Lindsay Bee & Brooke Bee

Trying not to get too wet.

Lots of beauty seen today.

Starting to look a little tired (especially Brooke)

A happy couple of Grandparents.

The girls play in a fake tree house.

More playing in the water.

We had a great day with the kids and mom and dad. It was nice to do something extra special for the end of Lindsay's Fall Vacation. It was a long day and we all were tired by the end!

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Heather said...

I remember that place. We visited there when Mike & Tara got married. It still looks beautiful, as do your girls.