Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 3,2010 Woodstock Fireworks

Getting packed up for the fireworks and Brooke decides she is riding in the cooler.
Agatha and Paul met us in the parking lot.

as well as mom and dad
Lindsay watches fireworks with grandmama.

Our family of four

Most of the gang

Daddy helps Lindsay warm up to doing a sparkler.

Linds finally gets brave enough to try one on her own.

Thanks to Jacob he and his family were parked right next to us and were very nice.

Then dad helps Brooke take a turn!

Little Miss Independence 2010

Jacob's mom helps light Lindsay's sparklers.

Jacob is a 6th grader next year. He spent most of the night trying to talk Lindsay in to doing a sparkler. Once she finally did it as usual she had fun. It was so nice that they shared their sparklers and snap pops with us. It was good to meet a nice family. We are all looking forward to tomorrow night's show.

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