Saturday, July 3, 2010

July 3 2010 Marietta Parade

Today we all got up and booked it down to Marietta for the parade.
Lindsay hamming it up for the camera with a frisbee on her head.

Brooke with the flag and she did NOT want to share it! Yeah she's about to be two!!

Lindsay has her turn!

These young ladies were referred to as the "Princesses"
Mike liked this car!

We saw TONS of politicians

The girls loved clapping and waving.

...and we MUST have a little Christmas in JULY!

God Bless America!
Have a Happy and SAFE 4th everyone!!
Today we got mail from Lindsay's school. Mike and I have our date for her orientation and it's 7/28 from 7-8 PM. We are very excited for her to be starting school, she misses all her friends and having friends besides her sister. We think she will do very well. We can't wait to meet her teacher!! Tonight we are planning to go see the fireworks in Woodstock and tomorrow we are going to our usual Lake Acworth where we have a table, playground and Live music. We are really looking forward to that as well!

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