Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4,2010 Lake Acworth Fireworks

Lindsay waving bye-bye to the sun as it sets.
Little did we know our spot was right next to a lady I used to work with and this is her mom dancing with the girls.

Daddy dancing with Lindsay to the band Flashback.

Brooke, mommy & Lindsay cuddling up.

Miss Cheryl dancing more with Brooke.

Lindsay, daddy, Brooke and Miss Cheryl dancing away.

Lindsay still dancing with Dad

Starting up the sparklers before it gets dark.

Brooke likes the sparklers

The son of my co worker came 0ver to light his sparkler.

This little girl, named Katie was 3and 1/2 and shared her glow in the dark jewelry with the girls for a chance to use the sparklers.

Brooke playing with her neon bracelet.

Lindsay sporting her necklace and bracelet.

The girls eating peanutbutter m&m's

My faveorite firework of the night that we caught on camera.

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MBKimmy said...

WOW look at that smiley face - that is awesome!