Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pre-K Orientation


Last night Mike and I went to pre-k orientation for Miss Lindsay. We got all the rules we need to follow. Lindsay has to wear closed toed shoes to school every day, since the play ground has wood chips and typical 4 year olds ride the big wheels and such and stop by dragging their toes. Mike and I got to meet Lindsay's teacher Miss Kathleen and she has been at the school since it opened, 16 years! She comes highly rated to us by the school administrators and several other parents that we met who came before us with other siblings! She seems very nice and we enjoyed speaking with her. Mike made sure to tell her that Lindsay has not been in school for the last two years and she seems like she does not play well in her age circle anymore, but goes for the littler kids in social situations. We wanted her to know that Lindsay is more used to being primarily with adults. We have her daily schedule which is from 8:15 sharp til 3:00 dismissal. They get 2 snacks and lunch plus they get to go outside to play twice a day. There is one 30 minute rest period which I am sure Lindsay will hate because she has already dropped her naps. I can't believe my first baby is actually entering the school system! Where does the time go? I can remember her birth plain as day as if it were yesterday!

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Heather said...

Pre-K starts early out there! We start in four weeks. I hope all goes well for Linds.