Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A nice Visit with Friends!

Daddy with Brooke on his back in the deep end of the pool.
Jeff, Brooke, Carol, Chris, Lindsay & Barney!

Our friends the Zindell's drove up from Florida yesterday on their way to Tennessee to visit their grandchildren. Carol visited with us back in September 2008 after I came home from the hospital after my aneurysm and helped us with driving me back and forth to therapy and spoiled Mike and I with yummy home made meals. We tried to see them on the way to orlando but they were out of town. They called us once they knew they were coming and invited us to their hotel to let the kid's swim. We also went to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner with the kids. Mike and I had a great time getting to visit, although the kid's were extremely cranky and barely got through the meal. Thankfully, they have grandkids and were very understanding. We are hoping to get a visit with them in their home town next time we can make a trip to Fla.
Thanks for coming Jeff and Carol it was so good to see you and have you see the girls even though they were in rare form!

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