Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lindsay's FIRST Roller Skating Lesson

We got the chance today to get Lindsay her first rollerskating lessons.
Daddy helping to put on the skates.

What a pretty girl! Lindsay has her kiddie make-up on today and she totally did her face before leaving the house!! ( ahhh brings back the old memories)

Here is Megan our neighbor who works at the rink and helped teach Lindsay.
Lindsay did awesome on the carpet!

It is ALL about Balance!!

She only took 1 fall and got right back up!

Now she is trying out the skate floor for the first time!

After Megan went back to work we stayed another hour practicing.

She loved it and now we are thinking about a roller-skating birthday party!



Melanie said...

Sooooo cute! What a BIG girl & sooo pretty!

Anonymous said...

Ready for "couple Skate" w/daddy! :)